Collaboration Yields Outstanding Results

Meet Some Of Our Partners

Every great company has a supporting cast of partners to help get the job done. Dean Media Group is no different. We pride ourselves on our collaboration with some of the most powerful technology providers and talented service companies available.

FinancialAudiences™ is our flagship audience management and targeting platform providing powerful tools for deep audience insights and sophisticated cross-channel targeting as well as a trusted environment for publishers to monetize audience and data assets.
DMG utilizes the technology of industry-leader Doubleclick on both the Advertising and Publishing sides of the house. Intuitive and streamlined, DFA (Doubleclick for Advertisers) and DFP (Doubleclick for Publishers) are indispensable tools when looking to effectively manage campaigns and ad operations.
ExactTarget is the leading platform for sending targeted, relevant email marketing and online surveys. DMG utilizes ExactTarget for the millions of messages we send every month on behalf of our clients.
Our friends at gate39media build websites and develop marketing materials for financial clients all over the globe. At times, DMG taps into their unique knowledge and experience when developing sites driven by proprietary content management systems.
DMG works with Google on multiple aspects of client campaigns, including use of their popular search marketing program and display banners content network. The Google suite of advertising solutions is constantly evolving, allowing our clients access to the best, newest marketing technology. DMG is proud to be a Google certified partner.
DMG has partnered with Lotame, an industry leading data management platform that helps power our audience management and targeting capabilities for marketers and publishers. A long-standing partner, we continue to work with them to maximize how audience management can benefit financial marketers and publishers.